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Religious Studies

Programme of study: Judaism 

We start off with teaching learners the importance of Religious Education. We want learners to understand the value of Religious Education and understand that their journeys will include all learners sitting a GCSE in Religious Studies in Year 11. 

The journey begins with teaching Judaism as the first religion at KS3 as part of the carousel at Harrow High School. This has been chosen for several reasons. Firstly, Judaism is one of the oldest Abrahamic religions and has significantly influenced the development of Western civilisation. Understanding Judaism is therefore fundamental to understanding the cultural and historical roots of many Western societies.

Secondly, Judaism has had a significant impact on the development of other religions, particularly Christianity and Islam. By learning about Judaism, students can gain a deeper understanding of these religions and their shared roots.

Thirdly, teaching Judaism can promote interfaith dialogue and understanding. Given the diversity of the student body at Harrow High School, promoting religious tolerance and understanding is essential. By learning about Judaism, students can develop respect for different cultures and beliefs, and learn to appreciate diversity.




  • Beliefs, teachings and sources of wisdom 
  •  Practices and ways of life - celebrations and commemorations, prayer, worship and reflection 
  •  Forms of expressing meaning, language and symbolism.
  • Identity, diversity and belonging - places, communities, rites of passage 
  • Meaning, purpose and truth - reflection and appreciation, ultimate questions 
  • Human responsibility and values 
  1. Understanding Jewish texts 
  2.  Interpreting Jewish text
  3. Judgements based on Jewish beliefs & practices 
  • Origin of Judaism
  • Different types of Judaism 
  • The Synagogue 
  • The Shabbat
  • Passover

At Harrow High School, we are committed to ensuring that all our learners embark on a journey that includes a thorough understanding of Religious Studies, culminating in the GCSE examination in Year 11.

Our journey commences with the exploration of Judaism as the first religion in our KS3 curriculum. This choice is deliberate and rooted in multiple reasons. Firstly, Judaism stands as one of the oldest Abrahamic religions, significantly shaping the development of Western civilisation. Thus, comprehending Judaism is pivotal to grasping the cultural and historical foundations of numerous Western societies.

Secondly, Judaism's profound influence on other major religions, notably Christianity and Islam, underscores its importance in our curriculum. By delving into Judaism, students not only deepen their understanding of these religions but also uncover their shared origins.

Moreover, teaching Judaism serves as a catalyst for fostering interfaith dialogue and mutual understanding. Given the diverse student body at Harrow High School, promoting religious tolerance and comprehension is paramount. Through the study of Judaism, students cultivate respect for diverse cultures and beliefs, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and appreciated.