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School Uniform

We would like to thank parents and carers for supporting the school’s aim regarding the wearing of correct school uniform. 

The school uniform can be purchased from:

Pullens 48-50 Church Road, Stanmore, HA7 4AH (t)020 8954 3850

High Street or supermarket: black school skirts/trousers and school shoes can be purchased from any retailer, so long as there are no brands or logos on the items.

Please make sure each item of clothing is clearly marked with your child's name. 

From September 2024, the following items are the required school uniform and must be worn every day:

  • Harrow High School jumper: navy V-neck embroidered with logo
  • Harrow High School polo shirt: now worn all year round
  • Black skirt: skirts should be loose fitting, and the length between knee and ankle
  • Black trousers: Classic loose-fitting in a school style and appropriate material. 
  • Socks or tights: plain black or white ankle socks (no patterned tights; no over the knee socks)
  • School shoes: plain black shoes of an appropriate design for school (no trainers e.g. Nike Airforce, boots, canvas plimsolls or high heels). Shoes must be smart and made of a fabric such as leather or PVC that can be polished. 
  • School coat: plain, inexpensive, black or navy (no logos or brands, no hoodies or leather coats) 
  • Harrow High School sports sweater: navy embroidered with logo 
  • Harrow High School tracksuit trousers: navy with logo or navy shorts with school logo
  • Harrow High School sports t-shirt: white technical sports shirt from Pullens
  • Sports socks: Blue, black or white 
  • Trainers: suitable for multi-sports

Equipment: clear pencil case, 2 black pens, 2 pencils, ruler (30cm), protractor, maths compass, green pen, colouring pencils, eraser, sharpener, 2 highlighters, calculator suitable for GCSE.

School Bags: should be an appropriate style and size for carrying school books and equipment. Fashion handbags or similar are not considered suitable for school and are not allowed.

Jewellery, nail varnish and make-up: learners may wear ONE item of religious jewellery and a pair of stud earrings. For safety reasons, rings, necklaces, long earrings or any other kind of adornment are not permitted. Nail polish, long nail extensions and excessive make-up are not allowed.

Headbands and headscarves

  • Blue or black plain headbands only, no decorative or coloured items allowed
  • Headscarves - plain navy blue, black or white
  • All hair clips, bands, etc should be plain and in navy blue, black or white

The following items are NOT allowed:

  • Brightly coloured coats or excessively expensive coats
  • Hoodies or non-uniform jumpers - this includes for sports
  • Tight-fitting trousers or trousers with studs
  • Jeans even if black
  • Short skirts (worn above the knee) or tight-fitting skirts
  • Belts with large buckles or coloured belts
  • Black trainers or black canvas plimsolls in place of black shoes, e.g. Nike Airforce
  • Wearing trainers or boots with the school uniform at break and lunchtime when not engaging in sporting activity
  • Steel toe-capped boots or shoes
  • Visible brightly coloured or patterned socks/tights/hairbands/hair clips
  • Headscarves in any colour other than navy blue, black or white
  • Scarves with large logos, slogans or patterns
  • Using anything to cover their faces
  • Girls should not wear frilly ankle socks
  • Baseball caps or any type of peaked cap, including bucket hats
  • Bandannas of any colour
  • Any piercings except for single studs in earlobes
  • False eyelashes and nail extensions
  • Loom bands bracelets or individual loom bands
  • A hair colour of an unnatural shade (eg: green, blue, pink etc.)
  • Haircuts with patterns or lines shaved in the hair or eyebrows

Learners who fail to wear the correct school uniform may be sent home to correct their uniform and return to school. They may also incur detentions for incorrect uniform. Items of non-uniform will be confiscated. Parent/carers may be requested to collect these items.


Post 16 students, as older role models within the learning environment, are expected to be dressed appropriately. No baseball caps/hats are allowed. IDs to be worn at all times.


Help with school uniform

Harrow High School has a stock of second-hand uniform. Parents/carers are welcome to make an appointment to see what items might be of use. There is no cost for this, but if possible a donation (of school uniform or money) will enable us to replenish our supplies for others in the school community.

We are happy to accept any good quality items of uniform that your child may have outgrown.  

If you are struggling with the cost of uniform, please contact the school office ( and we will try our best to assist.