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Most Able

Mr Wahid identifies, monitors and supports the attainment of two groups of learners:

  • those with High Prior Attainment (HPA), and
  • those who have made progress in line with HPA learners, who are regarded as Potential High Attainment (PHA).

HIGH PRIOR ATTAINMENT (HPA): HPA learners have a KS2 average grade level of 5.33 or above. In Year 7, learners with a score of 110 in KS2 Maths and a score of 110 in English are classed as HPA learners. 

POTENTIAL HIGH ATTAINMENT (PHA): PHA learners are those with low or no KS2 data, who have shown (through end of year tests, class tests, etc.) progress in line with HPA learners and are therefore capable of high attainment

A number of enrichment activities are organised and Mr Wahid also assists departments with the administration of their own enrichment activities.

Harrow High School BRILLIANT CLUB

Mr Wahid leads on the administration and delivery of the HHS Brilliant Club. This programme provides learners in Year 7 with the opportunity to work with experienced teachers and to experience university-style learning. It helps them to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to secure a place at a highly-selective university. We offer this opportunity to stretch and challenge our most able learners ensuring they develop the skills needed to excel in their next phase of education.


We work with The Brilliant Club, a recognised charity, which aims to increase the number of pupils being able to access universities. The Brilliant Club provides our most able learners in Year 7 and Year 8 with the chance to be stretched and challenged. Learners complete a 1,500 word university-style dissertation on a particular area of interest. For example, some learners have researched the hypothesis ‘Is Ebola an international pandemic?'


Mr Wahid creates success plans for Most Able learners across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. This is to provide specific actions which will enable our most able to achieve their full potential.


For further information please see attachments below.

Lead: Mr S Wahid
(Head of Business, Economic Teacher and Most Able Coordinator)