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  • Virtual Year 8 Parents Evening

    Published 07/06/21

    Year 8 online Parents Evening on 15th June from 5.00 pm — 7.00 pm.

    To book your appointment please log in to the booking site 

    Booking is open from 07th of June 08:00 to 14th of June 23:30

    SchoolCloud - Harrow High School

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  • Pride Month at Harrow High

    Published 11/06/21

    At Harrow High we are committed to ensuring inclusion and diversity for all in our school community, and will be celebrating Pride Month for the first time in an effort to raise awareness against homophobia and educate learners on LGBTQ+ History. Our weekly registration activities have been tailored to develop a deeper understanding, acceptance, respect and kindness towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

    We have also been working around this year’s Pride theme of “Visibility, Unity and Equality” to offer a multi-sensory experience to our staff and learners. 

    Learners will have an assembly on Monday to start the celebrations and Votes For School are marking School Diversity Week with a topic that will focus on self-expression. 

    The hall and the canteen will bear all the colours of the rainbow and a selfie wall will be available for those who want to “Say Pride” and tag our school account on our social media platforms. 

    On Tuesday 15th June a special Pride Lunch menu will be available in the canteen which has been designed around LGBTQ+ icons (people who have inspired and supported the LGBTQ+ community). You’ll have to channel your inner Alan Turing in order to decipher the items on the menu and identify all the celebrities correctly. 

    What would a Pride Month celebration be without the music? Our corridors will come alive this month with a playlist of the best instrumental versions of LGBTQ+ anthems.

    Harrow High School wishes you a happy Pride month, whoever you are and whoever you love

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  • Middlesex University - Life Skill Workshops

    Published 08/06/21

    We are delighted that Middlesex University has invited Harrow High School learners to their virtual Life Skills: Student Money Hacks on Wednesday 16th June - 4:30 pm-5:30 pm.

    This live event is to help students aged 14 and above learn tips and tricks on how to manage their money and learn to save and use money effectively. They have designed these sessions with students in mind to receive the best support and advice on their journey into higher education.

    Their live event incorporates live and recorded content from professional money advisors and current MDX Students.

    During the session, they will cover:

    • Student money hacks: Tips and Tricks
    • The Student Side Hustle: Getting a student job alongside your studies
    • The MDX Life Skills- Money Hacks Checklist: Tick off everything to be prepared! 

    This is a fantastic opportunity for Harrow High learners to get personalised advice from Middlesex University support staff and current students. They'll also be able to ask their questions in the live Q&A's after each workshop.

    You can read more information on the Middlesex University website, which includes the registration form for Harrow High learners to book a place

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  • Summer 1 Newsletter - May 2021

    Published 28/05/21
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  • Parent Governor Vacancy

    Published 28/05/21

    School governors play a vital role in school life and make a positive contribution towards children's education. We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor and would encourage our parents to apply. If you are interested in the role, please complete a nomination form and return it to school by Monday 7th June. We look forward to receiving your application.

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  • Eid Mubarak from Harrow High

    Published 11/05/21

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish our school community who celebrate, Eid Mubarak. In school, we will be marking Eid with a celebration Eid lunch on Tuesday 18th May in the canteen which will be festively decorated by Sixth Form learners. We will also be playing music from Muslim artists throughout the school for a fortnight

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  • Jack Petchey Winner (March)

    Published 06/05/21
    Congratulations and well done to the March Jack Petchey winner, Rodrigo Fernandes (10 QM) Rodrigo won this award after picking up a number of nominations from his form and a long list of teachers who were impressed by his posit
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  • Year 11 Final Arrangements

    Published 05/05/21
    We would like to start by saying how well all the learners have done over these last few weeks. The engagement and behaviour have been excellent and staff have been very vocal in the praise for their efforts in the April/May final assessments. As you
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  • Votes for Schools - Latest Results

    Published 19/04/21
    See the latest vote results for: Are the days of cash numbered? Next week's Vote Topic: Do we talk enough about consent?
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  • Learner of the Term

    Published 01/04/21

    Learner of the Term celebrates the efforts of learners who have demonstrated outstanding behaviour, achievement, attendance and support of the school and its values. 

    We congratulation the follows learners you have been nominated by their tutor and chosen by their Standards and Achievement Leader for Learner of the Spring Term.

    Vihan KelKar (Y7)

    It has been an incredibly challenging term but Vihan has managed to thrive during this time.

    Over the course of the term, Vihan has become an important role model for other learners in the year group: his attendance and punctuality are superb, he is focused and engaged in all lessons and actively looks to help and support others where he can. Despite arriving later in the school year, he has already managed to obtain a silver badge and well on the way to achieving gold next term. This term, he was elected a Learner Voice prefect, demonstrating that he is a valued and well-respected member of his form and keen to participate in helping to improve the wider school community.

    Vihan has also excelled academically this term. Despite the difficulties posed by remote learning, he continued to demonstrate an unrelenting commitment and enthusiasm for his studies and has made excellent progress during this time. On return to school, he has maintained this level of focus which has had a positive impact on the rest of the class. Vihan’s active participation in class is particularly noteworthy. He has a very inquisitive nature and often offers thought-provoking contributions, often leading to insightful discussions through which learners (and teachers!) are able to learn and progress. This term, he also became a member of the ‘Brilliant Club’ and is keen to share his experiences of this with other members in his form.

    We would like to congratulate Vihan on all his efforts over the course of this term and wish him  all the best for the Summer term ahead.

    Mifrah Mohammed  Mushtaq (Y8)
    Mifrah is a clear example  of her commitment to the  Harrow High School Excellences.

    She always goes above and beyond in every subject, completing all her work to the best of her ability and asking for more challenging resources and tasks when she finishes the work set. Her attendance and behaviour are impeccable across the board.

    Mifrah has shown to have spectacular organisational skills and a teamwork ethos, especially during lock-down when she managed to organise not only her team but the whole class to create a newspaper. She takes initiative and always tries to find a solution to every little obstacle that might arise on a daily basis, making her a very active voice in form time and also in her lessons.

    Mifrah is kind, caring and is always willing to help her peers, particularly when she senses someone might be struggling and afraid of asking for help. 

    Well done Mifrah!

    Andreea Cucer (Y9)

    Andreea has done exceptionally well and her teachers are extremely pleased with her efforts during this term The Harrow High's excellences are evident in all Andreea’s efforts with  outstanding attendance to lessons and her excellent contributions to the School community. Andreea thoroughly deserves this recognition.

    Well done!

    Shreaya Golding (Y10)

    Congratulations to Shreaya on being Learner of the Term she has shown great resilience during  the Spring term. Her attendance has been fantastic to both online learning and in school. She has also shown great efforts in her learning and proved to be a conscientious and hard working individual who will no doubt continue to progress. Shreaya has set excellent standards for herself and definitely deserves the learner of the term award. Keep up the hard work and a massive well done to you!

    Sriyuktha Kanduri (Y11)

    Sriyuktha has been chosen for the Learner of the Term Award due to the multiple qualities she has displayed. Sriyuktha  has been hardworking and diligent in relation to her prefect duties and extremely focused, disciplined and tireless in regards to her classwork and learning. She combines this with a high intelligence and friendly demeanour and thoroughly deserves this award.

    Well done!

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  • Year 9 Parents Evening

    Published 01/04/21

    Year 9 online Parents Evening on 22nd April from 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm.

    To book your appointment please login to the booking site 

    Booking is open from 14th of April 08:00 to 21st of April 23:30

    SchoolCloud - Harrow High School

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  • Home Testing

    Published 26/03/21
    You may well be aware that on Thursday, the school received notification that two learners within Year 8 had tested positive for COVID. As a result, a number of learners identified as close contacts are now isolating for the requisite ten days.
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