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Library Information

Harrow High School Library is a wonderful resource that will be key to your child’s success with us.

The library is full of classic and modern texts, newspapers and magazines that will support learning in all subjects.

Research shows that reading for pleasure increases empathy, improves relationships with others and improves personal wellbeing.

The library is open from:
8.15am to 4:30pm
every day

Other benefits to reading for pleasure include better text comprehension and grammar, positive reading attitudes, pleasure in reading in later life and increased general knowledgeLearners will be invited to attend author visits as well as a wide range of creative writing opportunities.

How to join the Library

Learners automatically become members of the library once they are enrolled at school.  Learners in Year 7 and Year 8 may borrow two books at a time, and in Year 9, three books.  Year 10 and Year 11, four books.  The Sixth Form may have six books at a time. If a library book is lost, the learner must pay for a replacement.

Learners can also make requests for specific books they would like the library to purchase via the literacy prefects.

Literacy at Harrow High School

We view literacy as a shared responsibility, and we have developed a range of successful reading programmes in order to support learners of all reading abilities.

One of our most successful programme is the Reading Buddies programme where KS4 learners are trained to effectively mentor Year 7 and 8 learners in order to help them improve their reading skills and gain more confidence in their reading abilities.

There is also a wide range of activities available in the library after school in order to promote reading for pleasure and help learners who might need extra support with their homework.

For further information please email: 

Miss R. Zvobgo (School Librarian)