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Sixth Form Student Leadership Team


Pranvera - Head Girl 

As the Sixth Form Head Girl, I often act as the middle ground between students and teachers to ensure that all voices are represented when trying to make positive changes within the Sixth Form. By making use of my communication and leadership skills, I also take a prominent role during outreach events and participate in fundraisers to ensure that the Sixth Form plays an active role in the community


Ilan  - Head Boy

Being a student at Harrow High since Year 7, I am well integrated into the school’s core values and I acknowledge the enduring influence that this has on my academic successes. As Head Boy, I intend to further my contribution to the school community and utilise this opportunity to lead and support my peers and the younger pupils. I will strive to be a responsible representative of the Sixth Form while embodying our principles to strengthen the excellences that Harrow High is committed to. 



Amaan - Deputy Head Boy 

As Deputy Head Boy, I hope to strengthen the connections between students and teachers through worthwhile causes and exciting events. I believe the key to the success of the Leadership Team directly stems from the enthusiasm and awareness of the wider school. By adopting an open, approachable attitude, I ensure students of all ages feel welcomed and involved in the movements we lead as a community.


Khadija  - Deputy Head Girl

As Deputy Dead Girl, my role is to act as an ambassador for the school including helping to support the organisation of various events such as Open Days, Presentation Evenings, school visits and charity events. I also try to set excellent standards for the rest of the school in terms of appearance, conduct, attitude to work and involvement in school activities. 


Ayisha - Deputy Head Girl

As Deputy Dead Girl, I thoroughly enjoy organising fundraisers that contribute to helping
important causes such as the Willow foundation. This role has allowed me to make a positive impact in the community. Being able to implement new ideas and interact with my younger peers, I hope to be a source of guidance and be able to make a difference within the sixth form.