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subject overview

In Art and Design learners  focus on the formal elements of art and some basic principles of design; the building blocks of art.  They look at how the elements and principles are used in famous historical artworks and how these can be applied to their own work.

Learners are encouraged to develop their understanding of art through the analysis of their work and the work of others.  They learn to use specialist art vocabulary in order to explain their work and ideas.

Planned visits to galleries and other venues help to widen the experiences of learners and also provides contextual stimulus for the development of their own work and ideas.

Learners also learn about career opportunities within the creative industries and the contributions of those industries to the UK economy.

knowledge Organiser

A knowledge organiser is an important document that lists the important facts that learners should know by the end of a unit of work. It is important that learners can recall these facts easily, so that when they are answering challenging questions in their assessments and GCSE and A-Level exams, they are not wasting precious time in exams focusing on remembering simple facts, but making complex arguments, and calculations.

We encourage all pupils to use them by doing the following:

  • Quiz themselves at home, using the read, write, cover, check method.
  • Practise spelling key vocabulary
  • Further researching people, events and processes most relevant to the unit.