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What Year 7 Have to Say

Get an insight into life at Harrow High School from some of our previous learners in Year 7. 

What Year 7s have to say 


I was at the transition day and I felt very welcomed. The whole school showed a good first impression which made me more comfortable

When I was leaving year 6 I did feel a bit tense moving to a new school but the only concern I had was getting lost.

On my first day I felt nervous but during the day I met so many nice teachers who helped and guided me, for this I am thankful.

I look forward to football club because I enjoyed playing it in primary. When I did join the club it was really fun.

My favourite subject is English/literacy I love to write stories as I find them interesting. I would say all the teachers are nice.


I really enjoyed the transition day because I got to know the teachers and what their names are and what they teach.

The transition day was an amazing day as you got to see what the school looks like inside and what lessons would be like.

I also knew some students from primary school that came to high school and I meet someone on transition day.

I am Captain of the girl's football team and I enjoy going on the trips with my new friends and new classmates and year 7. I was over-joyed when I heard that we were going to Paris at the beginning of Year 8.

My favourite subjects are P.E, Drama, English, Spanish, Computing, Geography and Maths.


I did go to the Year 6 transition day which I enjoyed  because I got to do many different things that I didn’t do in primary school. I also liked the teachers because they all welcomed you so nicely. All the subjects were interesting and had something very special to them.

I didn’t have any concerns because I knew there would be teachers and students who would help me and  show me all around the school. I also knew that I had friends from my primary schools and would make new friends.

I felt good knowing that I had a teacher that could help me if I had a problem.

I am really looking forward to going to Paris because I will have never stayed in another country without my mum or dad. I am also looking forward to it because I will be able to stay with my friends and visit many different landscapes.  I enjoyed going to clubs like the  police cadets because  I want to be a detective in the future. 

My favourite subjects are Science, Math and English. I like Science because we have experiments and Maths because it was my favourite in primary school too. I also like English because it is interesting and I learn alot about the world. 


On my first day in Harrow High I felt a little bit nervous and shy around the teachers and students. I made friends and saw students that came from my primary school at Harrow High and then I didn’t feel shy or nervous; I also liked some teachers and they were very helpful.

I felt very excited on my first day because I was in a new environment with new teachers, new friends and I also had great teachers to help me and support me. I enjoy going on trips with my teachers and friends, and going to after school clubs to have fun.

My favourite subjects is P.E because I can improve my physical health and learn how to look after my body and how important it is to know about your bones. I also like Art and English because in Art I can draw what I am feeling and show my emotions. In  English I can improve my grammar skills and my knowledge of the language, I can also improve on my writing and I have  a lot of fun. 

I am very happy I went Harrow High.