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Watch the video from Mr Gamble our Headteacher. It included the Head of Year, members of the senior leadership team and learners in Year 7. They give the answers to the questions you may want to ask. 

Year 6 transition FAQs

How will my child know where to go on the first day?

Plenty of staff will be on hand to meet your child at the front gate and direct them to the appropriate place. Current learners will also be there to escort students.

Will they need PE kit on the first day?

No, the first PE lesson will not involve changing into kit.

What do they do about buying lunch?

Harrow High uses ParentPay in order for you to pay for your child’s lunches, trips, revision books, music lessons etc. We do not take cash.

Many of you may be familiar with ParentPay from primary school and already have an account. You will need new log in details for Harrow High though. We will send you a letter during the summer with your  log in details so you can put money on for your child’s lunch in readiness for starting at Harrow High.

Students can get food from one of the two serving locations in the canteen or bring a packed lunch. Your child will pay for lunch by using their thumb print linked to their account which you will need to top up in advance. We suggest bringing a packed lunch for the first couple of days whilst we set up the biometric system.

How will my child find their way around school?

Secondary school is a lot bigger, and at times you will get lost. Teachers will be outside classrooms to instruct and our amazing learners will take you between lessons; just ask!

What if my child forgets something?

Teachers will be understanding in the early weeks of the term.  If they need something important, the Year 7 Team or the School Office can contact home for it to be sent in. However, as the term goes on, detentions will be issued for those who presistently forget items needed for school.

Where can I get the uniform and what are the expectations?

Your child is expected to wear the new school uniform. You can purchase this from Uniforms4kids by looking at the info we have sent you.

How much homework will my child get?

It may vary a little, but a couple of pieces of homework a night on average. This is accessible on Google Classroom which can be accessed on the home page of the website. Please ask your child to share thier login detail with you if you wish to monitor their homework. If you wish to contact a teacher, please call or email them directly. 

What are the rules on mobile phones?

Learners may bring mobile phones into school - we understand that parents may want to be assured that their child has arrived safely at school or are on their way home. However, once through the school gates, we operate a ‘See it, Hear it, Take it’ policy. If a phones is confiscated, parents will be notified and asked to collect the phone by 4pm when your child will have finished serving their detention. 

What if my child is ill before school / during the school day?

If you chid is too ill tocome into school, please call teh school Absence Line (0208 861 7300) as soon as you have decided that they need to remain at home. Leave a message. Speak slowly giving your child's full name, class, what is wrong with them and say who you are.

If your child is ill before school, you may decide to still send them.  You can ring in to alert the Attendance Team in advance.  If your child becomes ill during the school day, they should go to Learner Services.  They will then be assessed and you will be contacted if it is necessary.

We only to send children home if they are very ill and then we will request that parents/carers come to collect them. Older children may be permitted to go home alone depending on their illness and proximity to school. No child is allowed to leave the school premises without a parent/carer being spoken to. 

What equipment will they need?

A full uniform and equipment list will be sent to all parents/carers.  They should have a pencil case with pens (including a green pen), pencil, sharpener, rubber, ruler, maths set and a scientific calculator.  A glue stick is often a useful addition. You canpurchase these items from WHSmiths or The Works in Harrow town centre.

What is the Parent Portal and Parent APP?

The Parent Portal and App is a communication tool between home and school.  You will be sent your login invitation when your child starts Harrow High School. You can use Portal and App to view detials about yoour child; track their attendance and receive messages from the school. The App you can download to your phone.

What can my child do if they are upset or having friendship issues?

They can talk to any member of staff, their tutor, or go to the Year 7 Team office.

Where can my child find out about extra-curricular clubs?

There will be information in tutor rooms and circulated around year offices and in assemblies. Large posters advertising clubs are displayed around the school building. Clubs take place during break times and after school. We only ask that parents/carers are aware of the after school clubs their children will be attended so they know when they will be returning home slightly later than usual.

What time does my child need to be at school?

All students need to be on site for line-up at 8.45am each day.

Where can I find the schools key dates and information?

The website is regularly updated with key information. Please use the parent tab at teh top of the page for term dates and for the menu in the canteen.

What if my child loses something at school?

Please ensure all clothing and equipment is clearly named. Lost properly is taken to Learner Services where students can go to claim items.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at