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What's on in Performing Arts


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Performing Arts is an established part of Harrow High School life and is continuously expanding and evolving. There are productions and visits as well as a plethora of co-curricular music, ranging from guitar, violin and piano lessons, to bands and choirs.

We encourage all learners to get involved in either the performance or technical aspects of Performing Arts at Harrow High.

Daily events

Event Day Time Room 
Backstage Matters Monday 15.30 - 16.10 Studio
Drumming Lessons Monday 14.00 - 15.30  Band Room
Violin Lessons Tuesday 11.30 - 13.00 Studio
Band Rehearsals Tuesday 15.30 - 16.30  Band Room
Guitar Lessons Wednesday 09.00 - 11.00 Practice Room
GCSE 'Drama in a Year' Wednesday 15.30 - 16.30  Studio
Keyboard & Piano Lessons Wednesday 08.40 - 10.40  Practice Room
'Shine & Elev8' choirs Thursday 10.50 - 11.20 Studio
Drama Society Thursday 15.30- 16.20 Studio
'Sing Stars' Choir Friday 13.05 - 13.35 Studio

up-and-coming events 2022-23

Date Event

17 November 2022

Year 11 GCSE Drama: 'The Life of Pi' (depart 12:15pm)

23-25 November 2022

Year 8: DYCE Theatre Company in conjunction with Harrow Arts Centre hosts co-curricular Drama/English/Geography/Science/History workshops

5-9 December 2022

Year 11 GCSE Drama: first examination of devised work

December 2022

Drama & Theatre careers visit to 'Angelshed', Islington, London to see how a youth theatre company devise and stage a production

January 2023

Box Clever Theatre Company in residency rehearsing for their national tour with Romeo & Juliet

11 January 2023

Year 10 GCSE Drama: 'Cabaret' at Playhouse Theatre (depart 12:15pm)

February 2023

Year 11 GCSE Drama: Performances of scripted work

22 March 2023

Much Ado About Nothing at The Beck Theatre for the Schools Shakespeare Festival