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School news update

So we've reached the end of week 1 of the start of term and week 1 of our remote learning programme. As per recent government announcements, we now expect this programme to continue until at least the February half-term but, as with everything right now, nothing is certain.

What we can say for sure is just how pleased we have been this week with everyone’s response to our digital provision. Attendance has been fantastic and we have received some great feedback from learners and parents. I include a couple of examples below:

‘I can see a significant improvement in all my daughter's respective fields of study.  My mind is now at ease, knowing that my daughter is safe and healthy during these challenging times.’ 

'Online learning has been nice for me! Since teachers usually share the power points online we can do work at our own pace and go back to the lessons if needed. We can also reuse resources since those are online too - like worksheets or exam questions. Since we aren't in school it's nice to be able to drink a cup of tea during morning lessons or even eat a snack later on in the day!’ 

And this from one of our Keeping in Touch calls:

"I have Just spoken to mum of xxxx and she wanted it known how impressed she is with the support that xxxx is getting at the moment and how the remote learning has been structured to mirror a normal school day (said that routine is important). Mum was particularly impressed that we are also focusing on learners' mental health and not just the classwork”

We would like to thank you all for your support in helping your children to engage with our remote provision and ensuring they get the best results from it they can.

We would also like to publicly thank all of our staff who are working so hard to ensure both the high quality of online lessons and to support attendance and well-being through monitoring and phone calls. It really is a team effort and we are proud of all the efforts of all staff, learners and parents.

We do appreciate that online learning isn’t always easy and can be tiring. With this in mind, please get to know your son/daughter’s timetable and encourage them to avoid the use of screen-based devices during their two scheduled breaks.

As ever, we appreciate your feedback so please do send us your comments/questions to