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Spring Term Opening 2021

Learners in Years 11, 12 and 13 should come to school as normal from Monday 4th January. They will follow their normal lessons and registration periods as normal.

Years 7 to 10 learners should not attend school in person until Monday 11th January. They instead should follow their normal timetable from home through attending live online lessons and tutor sessions via Google Classroom. Learners have been given some further training on this today and you can also find support on the school’s website. Please use the following link to access remote learning information together with FAQs.

We understand that some learners require the loan of a device. Most of those learners will be allocated these today. If, however, your child has not received a device and you now require one, please contact their Head of Year on Monday 4th January.

Online registration will be taken by form tutors and subject teachers.  Attendance will be monitored as it would be normally in school.

If learners have any difficulties accessing remote learning they should immediately contact their respective Head of Year or their assistant:

Year 7: Mr Hallam

Mr Turner

Year 8: Mr Eston

Mr Turner

Year 9: Mr Goncalves

Ms Campbell

Year 10: Ms Barrett

Ms Campbell

Vulnerable learners and children of key workers will be able to access provision in school. The school will directly contact learners who we believe fall into these categories. However, if you believe this applies to you please let us know via the normal school telephone number.